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Training Walks 

Training your dog is a lot of work and a big time investment! Our training walks are designed to remove some of the training burden from dog guardians and keep your dog's skills sharp and evolving. Training walks are suitable for dogs of all ages, working on manners, or for those seeking to sharpen pattern games and other skills including counterconditioning for those struggling with reactivity.

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Puppy Training Walks Package

Price: $360+GST

2 x 45-minute walks per week for 4 weeks

Suitable for puppies aged 8 - 17 weeks

Includes the following:

  • Prevention of reactivity

  • Facilitation of positive interactions with people and other dogs

  • Building foundations of importance skills for adulthood

  • Enrichment and play

  • Husbandry and handling 

Dog pulling on leash


Training Walks

Price: $520+GST

Includes 2 x 60 minute walks for 4 weeks

Suitable for dogs of any age working on the following foundation skills:

  • Leash walking skills

  • Door manners

  • Greetings with people and other dogs

  • Recall

  • Calmly passing people and other dogs 

  • Safely cues - 'Leave it', 'Drop', 'Wait'

  • Enrichment and play

***Generally not intensive enough for dogs working on fear and reactivity***

short-coated brown and white dog on blac

Fear and Reactivity

Training Walks

Price: $780+GST

Includes 3 x 60 minute walks for 4 weeks

Suitable for dogs of any age working on the following fear and reactivity behaviours:

  • Barking, growling, lunging on leash

  • Bolting, cowering, shaking etc.

  • Increasing confidence

  • Enrichment and play

What do Training Walks look like?

Our training walks are customized to fit your dog! When your dog joins our walking crew, they get weekly, weekday walks with our professional team. We come to you and take your dog on a private training walk. The dogs will go for a short drive in our cars to a nearby, neighbourhood or dog friendly indoor area, to work on their training goals. During the car ride, we use dog seat belts and tie their leashes to ensure your dogs maximum safety. We bring our own high value treats and walking equipment, all we need is your dog and their harness.

Wouldn't it be nice to come home after work to a tired dog, knowing that they are moving towards their training goals? This is how it looks when your dog joins the walking crew.


  • High value treats

  • Training walk report

  • Pictures and videos of your dog training and having fun

Requirements for Training Walks:

  • Dogs must do at least two weekly walks 

  • Dogs must wear a harness (with exception for dogs with a harness aversion)

  • Dogs must have completed a private training session with our trainer

***If you have completed previous training at another company please email us.***

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