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Unleash your dog's passion and joy for sniffing with this fun, enriching dog sport! Whether you're here to start a dog sport journey or just want a fun new game for you and your dog, we have a space for you!

white Dog with nose Close Up

Welcome to the Fantastic World of K9 Nose Work ®!


K9 Nose Work is scent detection for companion dogs, a well-loved dog sport, and a fun enriching game for both you and your dog! Not only does your dog have fun and come home tired, but you get to strengthen the relationship between yourself and your dog. 

Our Nose Work classes are for companion dogs and their owners, looking to add a different enrichment game and exercise into their dog's life or someone wanting to compete in the dog sport! Your dog will be trained on three essential odor oils; Sweet Birch, Aniseed, and Clove Bud. Over our classes, your dog will learn to search independently and find hidden hides in containers, inside, outside, and on vehicles!

In Nose Work, dogs search individually and classes are set up in a way to make them suitable, safe, and enriching for reactive and fearful dogs to join! 

Prerequisites for any Nose Work classes:
  • Dogs must be comfortable inside of your car (They will be waiting there between turns)

  • Dogs have no bite history

  • Dogs have no history with human-directed aggression or reactivity

**If your dog falls outside of the prerequisites, we can accommodate private scent detection training**

Please contact us to discuss more options!


Our Classes!

Please fill out the intake form by clicking on the text of your preferred class to be added to our waitlist and you will be contacted when our next set of classes are available!

Cocker Spaniel sniffs the stone ground

Intro to K9 Nose Work

6 Sessions - 1.15 hour(s)/week - 5 dogs per class

This is a beginner class no previous scent detection experience is required.

Over 6 weeks dogs will learn to search for hidden food indoors, outdoors, and on vehicles using their amazing noses! The goals for our foundation dogs are to build their drive and desire to search and to build an independent and confident searcher. 


Golden Retriever peeks around stone wall corner

Intro to Odour

6 Sessions - 1.15 hour(s)/week - 5 dogs per class


Intro to scent detection classes with FFDT or an equivalent class at a different training company.

Once we have built our dog's drive and excitement to search, we will introduce them to our first target odour- Birch!

During these classes, our goal is to begin creating associations toward detecting the target odour and learning how odour moves.


Dalmatian Dog with head turned to the right

Continuing K9 Nose Work

6 Sessions - 1.15 hour/week - 5 dogs per class

Dogs must be on odor (either paired or unpaired).

In our continuing classes, dogs will be introduced to the essential oils clove and aniseed- two other target odors.

During these classes, we will continue to build on the dog's skills by introducing more complex searches and we will build on the handler's skills with fun games!


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