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  • Capilano University - Paralegal Certification (2016)

  • Currently collecting hours for the Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers (CPDT-KA)

  • Currently enrolled in the Diploma of Canine Behavior and Sciences Institute (Dip.CBST)

  • Dogsafe Canine First Aid (2023)

All About Eryn

Eryn grew up in Calgary and relocated to Vancouver in 2011. Since 2014 she has called the North Shore “Home”. 

In 2011 Eryn adopted her first dog; a fearful pug named Porter who suffered from separation anxiety.  Trying to find help for him she was immediately overwhelmed by all the contradicting training methods and information.  In 2016 Eryn added her Boston Terrier, Oliver, to the family, and after an attack by an off leash dog, Oliver began to show signs of leash reactivity and resource guarding.  Eryn sought training assistance from a certified trainer and behaviour consultant for her boys’ big feelings and quickly watched them both flourish and feel safe. Soon in her free time she was reading canine animal behavioural science literature; learning how to identify canine body language and all the subtle cues she had been unaware of.  Thus was born a deep desire to help both dogs and their guardians flourish and thrive with science backed R+ methods.

In 2023 Eryn began to collect her hours to pursue her professional certification as a dog trainer, as well as her diploma of Canine Animal Behavioural Science, with an added specialty in Aggression.  To her there is nothing more satisfying than witnessing the transformation of dogs’ behaviour and quality of life through science backed methods.

Eryn is continuing to collect her hours, with all her walks and implementation of training plans under the direct supervision of a certified professional dog trainer.

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